Using our Lys collection to make a luxury dining room

Using our Lys collection to make a luxury dining room

Having a stunning luxury dining room is a must-have in any home that wants to transmit a little class. It’s the place where visitors will spend a good part of their time when they’re with you. It should be in optimum condition to make sure your guests can enjoy a wonderful day. In this article, we are going to show you one of our luxury collections, so that you can have the dining room of your dreams. We can often feel overwhelmed by choice. There are so many ranges available, so many manufacturers and so much to learn. Picó Living is a luxury furniture designer company. We build dream furniture that our clients use to embellish every corner of their homes. Our job is not to take away your personal limelight but complement your personality with luxury furniture. Here you will learn what it takes to have a luxury dining room.

How to choose a luxury dining room

The perfect luxury dining room must serve as a comfortable meeting point, and a few features are indispensable. Here’s how you can choose good furniture to guarantee a luxurious dining room.

Define the space

You don’t have infinite space. This means that you are going to have to define the space that your luxury dining room takes up. It is not very difficult to do, as long as you can visualize the perfect place for furniture of this kind.

Try different colors

Try several colors, because you don’t know what will look good in the dining room. The idea is that you try so much that you exhaust all options. In this way, you can obtain the color that you liked the most, but also the one that most suits the space you are conditioning.

Be careful with the central table

The center table is the largest piece in your luxury dining room. You need it to be representative of the whole area, but at the same time to be different throughout the room. The idea is to walk in and feel drawn to sit and spend time in this room.

Complement the design with some luxury chairs

Now you have the perfect table, it’s time to look at the chairs. In general, each collection comes with its own chairs, but it is not a problem if you want to change them for others that you have found more attractive. Just try not to have more than 3 colors between the table and the chairs.

Fill spaces with accessories and lamps

The last thing you will do is fill in the gaps with accessories. Things like floral centerpieces, or just lamps right over the table. All of these must be chosen carefully.

Discover our Lys collection for your luxury dining room

The Lys collection has previously been used as inspiration for the creation of luxury bedrooms. It is an updated collection that uses concepts of modern art to achieve a rustic and cabin look. However, with this concept, luxury dining rooms are not off the cards. White predominates in this collection. In dining rooms, a white table with column-shaped legs can be highlighted. The rounded corners and the use of relief on the edges give a luxurious look in a comfortable and functional dining room. Regarding the chairs, the color white also stands out. It is a painted wood, with a white upholstery with some designs. The legs match the table and make everything flow seamlessly. What stands out about the Lys collection is not its pretense, but its simplicity, something that few collections manage to do. It is made up of furniture that appeals to the senses, managing to look striking without overloading its structures. Its high-quality finish and materials will make you fall in love. Its appearance seems a bit outdated, but it has a quite innovative concept behind it, which is the adage of less is more. Contact us and acquire your first luxury dining room Picó Living was born as an alternative to the incessant creation of furniture with catastrophic impact. More than 70 years ago, José Picó Ramón, creator of the brand, selected the most delicate woods, as well as the finest designs, to create luxury furniture for the Spanish population. This tradition continues to this day, in a family business with rigorous quality controls, a demanding selection process and the main objective of creating luxury furniture for all types of clients. If you are one of those who value presentation, quality and service, then buy your luxury dining room with us.  
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