The key to decorating a luxury bedroom

The key to decorating a luxury bedroom

With a luxury bedroom, you can’t just throw in any old ornaments or decorative features. While it is important to use accessories to make a place our own, they should also be in unison with the main features of the luxury bedroom that we have and should accentuate it rather than take away from the luxury. Here we tell you the keys to successfully adorning your luxury bedroom. If you make a mistake when choosing the ornaments and accessories in your luxury bedroom, you can make your furniture appear cheaper and tackier. So if you have a Picó Interiors luxury bedroom, not any old ornaments are valid. We should always choose ornaments and accessories that are on par with the distinction and elegance that this furniture provides. One of the things you can do to ensure you adorn your luxury bedroom appropriately is to adhere to the adage ‘less is more.’ It is better to have just a couple of good quality decorative pieces rather than lots of poorer quality ones. If in doubt, a minimalist approach is preferred. In this way, the luxury furniture itself becomes the decorative element in the room. Matching low quality ornaments with high quality furniture can take away from the the furniture as well as give a less-than-desired appearance. Another key element is the fabric in the room. Patterned, plain, curtains and bed linen of different texturas but in the same tones as those of our luxury furniture. The bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and dressing table never fail to delight in tones of gold, white or cream but if the overall effect is going to be with darker shades, we need to be flexible. Luxury bedrooms from our brand will never be in bright, attention grabbing colours like red or blue as these vibrant colours distract our attention from the natural beauty of the furniture. Opting for vintage elements is another option when decorating our luxury bedroom. Candlesticks, frames, vases, clicks and other items, more so when they are in these Golden shades as they offer a more luxurious appearance which is exactly what we are looking for. Vintage and retro decor should be considered only if the luxury bedroom itself is also vintage or retro, the accessories should complement the luxury bedroom itself and not distort the harmony. Much less take away value from our space.
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