Spaces that decorate with luxury furniture

Spaces that decorate with luxury furniture

Beyond the private sphere, luxury furniture are increasingly demanded by different types of establishments. Spaces that are looking for the differentiation and exquisiteness thanks to the originality and personality that provides this type of furniture. We show you some spaces that decorate with luxury furniture.

When we talk about luxury furniture, right away we think in large houses or luxury apartments that decide to opt for these pieces of furniture for its quality and extraordinary beauty. Unique furnishings, such as the luxury furniture of Muebles Picó, a great personality and that differ from the rest by their forms, their qualities and their finishes.  But beyond being used in environments such as houses, apartments or mansions, luxury furniture are also used, and increasingly by private establishments and/or commercial. These are some places that decorate with luxury furniture…


The luxury hotels grow throughout the world. Muebles Picó, along with its extensive experience, he has dressed suites and halls with their luxury furniture in different parts of the world. Five star hotels where look furniture in unison.


A luxury meal deserves a spectacular environment. Therefore, there is nothing better that decorates the luxury restaurants, the most exquisite restaurants with luxury furniture. A high-quality furniture and a luxury project according to what an establishment like this deserves.

Clothing Boutiques

The boutiques with clothes or the clothing stores of the best brands deserve offer the customer a unique atmosphere and distinguished. To try on a garment, becomes an opportunity to be surrounded by glamour and beauty thanks to the luxury furniture that make up these spaces.

– Department stores

The department stores for major brands provide a different experience and distinguished to their customers if they decide to make a project with luxury furniture and interior decoration.

– Jewelry

Jewelry must be one of the shops with more glamour and style in any city that is worthy. Accompanied with a luxury decoration and with luxury furniture as a perfect decoration, is the best alternative face to provide a space that customers are looking for.

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