Redecorating a luxury living space

Redecorating a luxury living space

The well-known fashion designer Coco Chanel stated that “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” This is one of the maxims with which Muebles Picó works in each and every one of its projects: to conceive extraordinary ambiances, of great beauty, luxury furniture made by hand, with the best materials and with the end goal which is of course to be both admired and enjoyed by our clients. On this occasion, we have renovated a spacious luxury apartment in one of the most coveted beach areas in Spain. We were faced with several challenges: making the most of each square meter, achieving a greater sense of spaciousness and creating several joint spaces perfectly synchronized with each other. A living space where luxury, authenticity and comfort merge. We started by reforming the walls of this room, covering both walls and the coffered ceiling with decorative panels, strategically positioning the LED light points to achieve better energy and lighting performance for each decorative element. We place each molding by hand, decorating a unique space full of art and sophistication. As we can see in the images, the luxury living space is made up of three different areas: a television area, a fireplace area and a dining area. Three areas are designed to be enjoyed individually but on closer inspection, they form an exquisite, homogeneous and practical set. Its style is eminently classic, where long-lasting materials and beautiful decorative moldings in solid wood have been used.   We bet on shades always associated with glamour and luxury, such as the classic champagne. Not only is it so flattering but in addition, it offers us a feeling of a fresher environment as well as cozy. We also use another fundamental element in this type of project and that we can find in other designs of our brand, silver leaf.   The decorative panels, as well as the spectacular chairs, are lined with high-quality fabrics. It is also worth highlighting the importance of glass, not only as a flattering and elegant element but also in its function of achieving a feeling of greater spaciousness. The windows are beveled for a better artistic and decorative feel, and we include a leaded stained glass window in different shades in the classic door.
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