Luxury sideboards, a symbol of distinction

Luxury sideboards, a symbol of distinction

Luxury sideboards are pieces of furniture that with both drawers and cabinets so you can store everyday items. They can be used at the entrance, where they will serve to store shoes, but if they are in the living room or dining room they will be intended to house blankets, cushions, magazines or crockery. But how do you make these pieces of furniture a symbol of distinction for your home?

Unique craft pieces

At Picó Living we work with marquetry to create unique luxury sideboards that bring you that distinction you’re looking for for certain areas of your home. The details, as well as the style of each of our pieces makes it possible for you to integrate this type of furniture into your home in order to make a real difference. To get these exquisite pieces, in Picó Living we put at your disposal one of the best collections of sideboards for your dining room. Each of them has a unique style that you can configure yourself to your liking. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create luxury sideboards that fit your expectations.

Our collection of luxury sideboards

If you’re looking for luxury sideboards that can fit the classic and contemporary style of your living room, our Nouvel collection has been designed especially for you. The sideboards are made of walnut wood and contain brass and polished chrome details. Ideal if you are looking for a bold and avant-garde design. In case you want luxury sideboards with a classic solo style, you can opt for our Holandés collection. You will discover sideboards made with beautiful walnut palm wood. But the best thing is its finishes. We use silver and gold leaf foiling on lacquered bases to make these sideboards that distinctive symbol for your home you were looking for. Related to this style, you will also find our Lys collection. In this case, luxury sideboards stand out for their simplicity, although this does not make them lose a shred of elegance. They are made of ash wood and you will find them with a sober finish of walnut orstriped lacquer. A sublime and classic result. Maybe you want to obtain an element of distiction by imitating the luxury sideboards that were on the Titanic. If that is the case, then the collection that bears this same name is made especially for you. You’ll find a contemporary style with aluminum details whose inspiration is based on the characteristics of this ship. If you are a lover of Greco-Roman architecture, you can not miss our Georgia collection. The luxury sideboards have been designed with walnut root and in them you can appreciate details of orange and sycamore marquetry. In addition, these sideboards also contain touches of gold and silver that give them that dazzling luminosity that will make your living or dining room stand out. Although there are other collections in Picó Living, we do not want to finish without mentioning the luxury sideboards of our Secrets collection. Ebony, as well as an elegant lacquered pearl color are the hallmarks of the sideboards in this collection. You can also find velvet details.

Luxury sideboards that fit into any space

All the luxury sideboards we’ve mentioned fit into any space in your home. Whether you want to give that distinctive symbol to your living room, dining room or entrance to your home, you can choose the sideboards from the collection that you think will go more in line with the style of your house. All our luxury sideboards go through a handcrafted marquetry process in which every detail is taken care of to give you the best result. Because we know that only in this way will we be able to exceed your expectations and offer you special sideboards that make a difference.
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