Luxury interior doors, a sophisticated welcome to each room

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Luxury interior doors, a sophisticated welcome to each room

Any home or office wishing to convey an image of elegance, comfort and class should look to the finest of details in its furniture — starting with the doors. They are the first impression our guests get when they visit us, which is why it is so important to know how to correctly choose luxury doors for all of your rooms. The luxury door must be a superb, imposing, warm and at the same time beautiful introduction to each room, denoting a feeling of robustness and sophistication simultaneously, design and security, classicism and modernity at a simple glance. Its beautiful and inspiring character must be combined with a strong and solid appearance. At Muebles Picó, we work so that our luxury interior doors are personalized and that each one is unique. We do not advocate mass production. By using high-quality materials for their production, each door will be worked with the utmost care and attention, giving each one a touch of exclusivity that will make it different and allow it to gain a preferential position in the market. Our range of luxury interior doors is very wide. From traditional hardwood doors (oak, walnut or cherry) to new metallic formats (including iron and glass), according to each personality, to each room that is sheltered inside, but always with a great character of durability and elegance. Its perfect finishes provide that touch of distinction that we aim to achieve again and again.

Travelling in time

Luxury interior doors take us to forms and decorations from other times, to an aristocratic world, but also to certain avant-garde lines, without ever neglecting that artisan touch. For all these reasons, more and more hotels and offices, in addition to the already mentioned private homes, are choosing this model to decorate their rooms. Today, on the luxury interior door market, we can find those in the Italian style (which fuse wood and glass) and those with Arabic carvings (which give a majestic touch due to their hand-carved milling and their arc-shaped frames). There are those who also bet on luxury doors for exteriors, for facades, going back to famous medieval castles and conveying that air of secrecy. Whether we opt for a more classic or modern line, luxury interior doors will always be the perfect option to give access to an exclusive world of beauty, elegance, functionality and unique singularity.

What makes them different?

Muebles Picó luxury interior doors differ from those of the main competitors because of their refined joinery. Beautiful and robust doors of great artisan value by hand. Every detail counts, which is why we believe that your luxury interior doors should be complemented with the best knobs, colors and wood grains that create a unique climate for your room, without ever neglecting quality. An efficient luxury access door will allow us to separate the different spaces in a home, without compromising on great beauty and light, even remaining camouflaged with the style of the wall and giving a greater sensation of spaciousness and an open-plan appearance. Luxury access doors also generate a certain positive psychological effect in those who have them, since they transmit a unique sensation of tranquility. In addition, they have that cultural character by transporting us to other environments or times based on their unique styles. Types of luxury interior doors At Picó Interiors we have eight unique models of luxury interior doors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Imperio door: Classic, hand-carved in wood and inspired by the great European palaces. It has an impeccable marquetry work as well as glass that will allow a glimpse of the interior of the room.
  • Volga door: The golden color becomes the main decorative element, acquired thanks to the use of gold leaf. It is ideal as a prelude to large rooms.
  • Artisans door: The gold leaf takes on special prominence on the front as intertwined branches and flowers.
  • Caspian door: It presents geometric figures carved in the front area of ​​the wood.
  • Viena door: Made in a lighter tone and with different shades, it provides great privacy to the room.
  • Georgia door: It is characterized by gold leaf decoration, even on the handles, featuring a sophisticated emblem on the front.
  • Baikal door: Available in an infinite number of shades, glass fuses with the other materials in this door creating a unique composition.
  • Titanic door: With classic and simple lines, it is one of the strongest personalities of the range due to the elegant drawings that the wood presents.
At Muebles Picó we know what you need and our exclusive selection of luxury interior doors
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