Imperio luxury bedrooms, a tribute to 19th Century France

Imperio luxury bedrooms, a tribute to 19th Century France

The Imperio collection for bedrooms that you can find in Picó Living is not a name we have chosen at random. It is a style that dominated the interior decoration and especially the furniture of the rooms in the nineteenth century in France. The richness of the furniture and its characteristics make them desirable elements for any luxury bedroom worth its salt. Want to know more about this style?

Rigid and solid shapes

A luxury bedroom representing 19th-century France must abandon sinuous shapes and instead opt for rigid and solid ones. All the furniture has an exceptional quality and is robust. This allows to give the feeling of consistency that is only enhanced by the colours that are used. In addition to these shapes, its rigidity increases with intense and saturated colors. This is achieved because the wood is not painted. It is left in its natural state to highlight all its beauty and thus also make the luxury bedroom more cosy. The wood used in this French style luxury bedroom is walnut. We know that mahogany is sometimes used, but in Picó Living walnut wood is the one that allows us to perform a careful and delicate marquetry work. Even though the Imperio style is imbued with rigid and solid basic geometric shapes, behind every sideboard, wardrobe, nightstand or headboard, there is a great effort.

Details that make a difference

The Imperio style in a luxury bedroom is very easy to appreciate at a glance. Classic columns flood every corner of the closet or chairs that form a resting space in a specific area of the room. Sometimes they will be almost imperceptible, but the presence of those columns so representative of the nineteenth century in France will be there. Other details that make the difference in a luxury bedroom that seeks to pay homage to France are those classic features. It’s about the lions, the eagles, the nymphs… All with a very subtle touch, which adorns each piece and makes it a unique and irreplaceable piece of furniture. We can’t forget the warrior motives. Trophies or spears will sometimes be found in the chair upholstery itself. But sometimes medals can decorate the walls so that the luxury bedroom is completely impregnated with the empire style you are looking for.  

Typical pieces of empire style

In a luxury Imperio-style bedroom you can not miss certain pieces that will have a special prominence. For example, the classic sofas without a backrest, full of the details described above. The colour, in addition, will give you the perfect contrast with the upholstery in vivid tones that were used at the time. Also, in an Imperio luxury bedroom the bed will have a distinct gondola style. You can’t miss a classic-style chest or sofa-bank with no foot support. As you can see, all the elements are what would be in a 19th-century French bedroom. Not a single detail has been missed. In Picó Living you will find a very careful marquetry work that will allow you to have that classic-cut luxury bedroom that is faithful to the empire style. This is our way of paying homage to one of the styles that had not only a great impact in France at the time, but was reproduced by other European countries.. All of them have tried to reproduce that luxury bedroom that was so successful in France and that you can also enjoy today. With all the details and a delicate marquetry, fine work and the utmost care. Enjoy your classic bedroom.
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