Domotics, new technology and luxury kitchens

Domotics, new technology and luxury kitchens

Sometimes when we think of luxury kitchens it is easy to think of grand, traditional artisan kitchens – a far cry from the modern ones with all their new technology and mod-cons. Big mistake. Now, kitchens can be both artisan and spectacularly modern, a combination of beautiful design and domotics, with all its advantages.

So you may think there are two types of kitchens. Traditional style kitchens, and those that offer a full array of gadgets and gizmos and all the latest technology. But do we have to decide between the two? We now know that luxury kitchens can also benefit from all the latest technology. Even during the fabrication process we see advances in the type of materials used. The decorative elements that dress up a kitchen are often technological and now we are seeing domotics throughout new kitchens.

In our luxury kitchens, Picó Interiors uses the latest in appliances, and we design your luxury kitchen to measure, including everything you need and want in the space available. Our luxury kitchens are elegant and beautifully finished as always, and the result is a grand and classic kitchen that our clients have loved for decades. Just because they are classic kicthens, it doesn’t mean that technology and domotics can’t be incorporated.

Domotics is the next step in technology and the idea is to help people with the most basic of daily tasks, unlike the original concept of domotics which was for home security, although it still is used for that, too. Domotics can be installed in kitchens of any kind, and Picó Interiors 21st Century luxury kitchens are no different.

Temperature control, kitchen lights, the opening and closing of doors, windows and appliances as well as smart fridges… Domotics is a concept that is sweeping through today’s kitchens. To benefit from these advances all you need is a WiFi connection and the kitchen of the future is yours.

We can also include any of these features in our luxury kitchen designs. Kitchens of the highest quality where luxury isn’t a simple reference to the spectacular furniture, but also the technological features we use.

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