Discover Muebles Picó Luxury Offices

Discover Muebles Picó Luxury Offices

Offices aren’t exempt from that luxurious touch that we like so much, they’re a place in which elegance is the main feature. Your office is one of the places where you spend many hours each day, so it should be a pleasant environment for you, your team, and your clients. If you want to decorate all the company offices with luxury furniture, then we are here to recommend the best of Picó furniture.

Luxury Offices

At Muebles Picó, we offer various types of office furniture with which you can decorate your spaces and feel like you are in a prestigious room. Luxury furniture collections have a unique charm. They increase the elegance of the place and give it a certain distinction, especially since they combine classic undertones with modern finishes. Get to know some of the details of each of our luxury office collections. Luxury offices do not necessarily have to be in elegant or renowned buildings. Any person with good taste who wishes to have this furniture in their company can do so. It is furniture that adjusts to a type of decoration in which a classic touch prevails, so you just have to be inspired and create an environment that matches, both with colors and decorative objects.


If the atmosphere of English palaces is your idea of ​​luxury, then you’ll love our Venecia collection. The furniture in this elegant line is made of the highest quality walnut wood. We carefully select each material that we will use in the manufacture of our furniture. This office is ideal for law firms or consultants’ offices since it projects seriousness and comfort.


It is another of our timeless collections that offers luxurious materials and finishes. In this case, the Georgia collection is inspired by Greco-Roman culture, with orange and sycamore wood marquetry on walnut root. Dark brown is predominant. The finishes in this collection are designed to denote elegance and the classic element that is expected from this type of furniture.


The Imperio collection of luxury offices is clearly inspired by 21st century France. The most impressive thing about this luxury furniture is its beautiful contrast of dark brown, beige, champagne, or cream colors. It is furniture worthy of a palace, but in an office it will offer a decoration in which it is a pleasure to stay behind for long hours.


Titanic is a collection of contemporary style full of luxury. The furniture is made of teak wood from Burma. Its style is very particular, it leads us to believe that we are inside the luxurious ship that we were all able to see on the big screen. In 1912, the Titanic was considered an elegant and very luxurious ocean liner, which is why we have transferred this distinction to a collection that honors the memory of the Titanic. As you can see, there are timeless and contemporary collections from which you can choose your favorite. Anything you decide to take to your office or rooms within your company will be a very good choice. The common denominator in all of them, as well as in the rest of our furniture, is luxury. Any place that has our furniture will generate the confidence that only those who take care of every detail can emanate. Especially if they are offices where very important business or meetings will be held; luxury furniture helps to create that idea of ​​seriousness, commitment and good taste. If you want to know more about these and other collections, you can contact us, but first, take a look at all the sections of our website.

Other Furniture

And if you want everything that people see in your company to have a certain uniformity, do not hesitate to check out our products for bathrooms, other rooms, as well as luxury doors. With Muebles Picó you can improve the appearance of your spaces, especially those of your home. There is furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and more. The difficult thing will be to choose among so many charming pieces of furniture that we have in stock. If you have a design project in mind, we can do it for you. Or if you prefer, you can choose from the furniture in our catalogue, which you can see without leaving your home. Our commitment is based on satisfying your requests and offering you high-quality furniture that is comfortable and helps enhance the places where you have to use it.
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