6 model offices you should consider

6 model offices you should consider

Your place of work is a space with impact, with great class, decorated down to the finest details with all the luxury any business with credibility and magnificence needs. Especially if you are the director, your office is a reflection of you and your company. Picó Interiors Luxury Offices will show you what’s available. It isn’t any old space. Elegance, class and distinction make all the difference when it comes to offices. Our luxury offices pay tribute to the beauty of natural wood, the virtue of details and that little added extra that you only get with hand crafted furniture. Unique environments where going to work is an experience in itself. Offices with luxurious tables, big meeting tables, maybe with your company logo engraved on it. Neverending bookshelves, comfortable armchairs, luxurious stairwells and hand crafted wood panelling. Your meeting rooms and archives made personally for your business. Have a look at exactly what we are talking about with these 6 model offices that you should consider for your company. Titanic collection – Luxury offices Made with Birmania teak wood, it pays homage to the most luxurious sea liner in history, the Titanic. It is one of the best woods in the world and offers a contemporary style with a touch of exclusivity due to its palosanto framework, and matte aluminium details. The results are spectacular as you can see. Imperial Collection – Luxury offices Beautiful luxury office from Picó Interiors Imperial collection. Inspired in architectural art seen in France at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is characterised by its classic columns, Spanish walnut wood and delicate framework. Lys Collection – Luxury offices This is the most simplistic and discrete luxury office in our luxury furniture catalogue. That doesn’t mean that it is any less worthy of its place in our top six model offices. It is made from ash wood but is available in the more moderate tones of walnut, decapé ash or painted stripes. You decide. Art Decó Collection  – Luxury offices Going back to 1920s Paris for the vanguard inspiration on which to base our design for this luxury range. Art born in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs. You can see the patterns from that period, where both lines and curves come to life. It’s elaborated with river rosewood, with syacamore interiors and ebony rods. Georgia Collection – Luxury offices The elegance of Ancient Greece and Rome, their civilizations and imposing buildings are combined in this luxury office collection from Picó Interiors. The engraving and frames made with orange wood and sycamore over a walnut base really stand out. Although the real star of the show is the version painted in gold and silver. Venecia Collection – Luxury offices The successful Venecia collection offers this luxury office where painted finishes and the warmth of walnut wood come together. What sets this collection apart and gives it its real worth is the design of the engraving, carried out by hand.
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