The Icon-Inspired Titanic Collection

The Icon-Inspired Titanic Collection

Thanks to the film inspired by the events, today most of us know about the Titanic. A ship built between 1909 and 1912, the second largest of three that were built at the time. Its ending was not as magnificent as the design of the boat itself, but this does not diminish the glory of the fact that Titanic was impressively designed, just like our Titanic luxury bedroom design. As expected, the Titanic bedroom is inspired by the structure, decoration and architecture that is believed to have adorned the famous ship. If you would like to bring a bit of this elegance, grandeur and luxury to your rest area; in this article we talk about all the interesting aspects of this design and what you can expect when including it as part of your home.

The Titanic bedroom is a contemporary design

One of the first characteristics you notice when looking at the Titanic bedroom design is the ease with which it can be adapted to almost any type of decorative style. Its main trend is contemporary, making it very versatile in both modern and classic environments. This adds a unique and simple touch, very similar to what we would expect to find in a luxurious hotel room. Comfort is its main priority, reducing the number of pieces and providing more space to move; enjoy natural light and clear the environment of feelings of claustrophobia or clutter.

The best quality for the best bedrooms

The Titanic bedroom is made with one of the best woods in the world. Burma teak wood offers a highly resistant, durable result with a deep color. Thanks to the use of this material, the result is an exclusive design of rosewood marquetry and matt aluminium details, which add a lot of personality and interesting features to the overall design. The Titanic bedroom in any kind of home As we have already mentioned, the Titanic bedroom is an incredibly versatile design. Due to its subtle and adaptive style, it doesn’t matter what type of decoration your home has, this collection will adapt without any problem. Likewise, it is possible to customize it to suit a wide variety of room sizes. Since there is no excess furniture, it is possible to easily tailor the design for all types of rooms.

Perfect for a luxury walk-in closet

The Titanic bedroom is one of the best when it comes to adding extra elements such as a luxury walk-in closet. Thanks to its simple and compact decorative style, you will have enough space to also include a walk-in closet in your room. The best part? There are many options that we can adapt to give a harmonious and continuous result of comfort and design in your bedroom. Comfort and rest are the priority in the Titanic bedroom Because the Titanic bedroom doesn’t overload the space with furniture, comfort and relaxation become much easier and more accessible. It is the ideal space both to sleep and to relax reading a book, studying or even sharing with your partner.

We personalize it for you

It should be noted that the Titanic bedroom design is completely customizable to your needs and preferences. You just tell us how you would like it, the size of the room and your specific requirements. Our professionals in decoration and architecture take care of everything else. Likewise, the decorations, details, colors and manufacturing materials can be slightly modified so that they adapt to the general decoration of your home. Do you think that the Titanic bedroom can add luxury, comfort and a classic style to your room? We can guarantee that this is one of the best options for you. In addition, you can boast about having an environment inspired by the famous Titanic ship and the incredible movie that we all know!
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