The decorative keys of a luxury hotel

The decorative keys of a luxury hotel

How many times have we walked down a central street and suddenly come across an imposing façade? This is an experience that happens to all of us, so you decide to stop and contemplate the richness of a mural that, of course, hides something equally impressive. This is what happens with luxury hotels throughout the world. Places designed to transmit an image of elegance, durability over time and above all, a lot of class. Hotels that take care of even the smallest detail to make it a true museum for the use and enjoyment of its guests and visitors. We know a lot about this at Muebles Picó. Since 1945, we have been designers and manufacturers of luxury and elegance. A brand that is at the forefront of furniture throughout its production process, with high technology, quality controls and excellent environmental management. The richness that our furniture can offer is not only focused on private homes. We carry out high-level installation projects for both private residences and official institutions, offices and hotels. We work with total customization, always with the best raw materials and finishes. Luxury hotels are known for the wealth of their decor. The decoration of a luxury hotel is marked by its decorative grandeur, enlarging the space even more. But what characterizes the decoration of a luxury hotel? Along these lines we are going to give you all the keys so that you can identify them. Let’s start with the exterior: an imposing façade It is the first contact with the hotel and it already speaks for itself. An essential part of the decoration of a luxury hotel is usually its facades. Classic, minimalist or modern, the style is indifferent but if they have something in common it is their colossal appearance and their sensation of imposingness. The bet is usually with sustainable materials and with the necessary thermal, solar and acoustic insulation. The facades of luxury hotels include large glass doors and balconies that give elegance to the whole. And behind them another jewel in the crown, the entrance or lobby. These spaces are characterized by imposing counters, decorated with sofas made of excellent materials, rugs and imposing lamps. The set is completed by sophisticated furniture in natural wood, giving warmth and elegance. Let’s go inside: luxury and sophistication If the exterior is imposing when we enter the building, we give a good impression of the grandeur. The incredible decoration of a luxury hotel is its hallmark, a fact that makes the difference. Beyond the lobby, which is the first contact once we enter the venue, the rooms that define a hotel of this calibre are its rooms.

Sleeping in luxury

The bedrooms are the main rooms, a space that should contribute to the rest and peace of the clients. The rooms have large spaces, exclusive furniture, or designer decorative pieces. Elegance is not renounced in any room, as the bathrooms are treated with the same decorum. They have wooden furniture, warm light, spaciousness and everything you may need.


Another element that characterizes the decoration of a luxury hotel is without a doubt its doors. They are not simple doors, made of weak materials. In these cases, the function is fulfilled by a beautiful design, without forgetting the solidity and quality of its materials. Custom doors that give a hallmark to the decoration of a luxury hotel. This type of doors, personal and inimitable, give seriousness and elegance to the hotel. The doors of Muebles Picó are made with top quality materials, with noble wood such as oak, walnut or cherry, or very avant-garde metal, predominantly iron, or glass and crystal. The decoration: natural and alive Undoubtedly, another characteristic of the decoration of a luxury hotel is its permanent sensation of being alive. To do this, these buildings use an ornamentation based on vegetation and water. Both elements manage to give the space a natural, fresh, and very lively touch. The vegetation is present both in the furniture of the rooms, halls, facades, or common rooms such as the dining room, but it also falls from the walls and ceilings giving a sensation of nature.  
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