See the top 5 office designs from Picó Furniture

See the top 5 office designs from Picó Furniture

We spend an average of 12 years of our lives in the workplace, based on a 40-hour work week and 45 years of work. With the workplace essentially becoming our second home, ideally it should have an unbeatable image, where quality, functionality and beauty go hand in hand. To achieve harmony, the Picó Living line offers an exclusive selection of office furniture. Designed for public and private companies, Muebles Picó allows the style and design of the interior of your office match the quality of service offered, making the client feel at home. All office furniture creations have a huge story behind them, and you can opt for a more classic, timeless line or for a light, contemporary trend, but always with the most efficient materials on the market. It is essential to take care of even the smallest details, because your office is the first impression both clients and staff receive.

Timeless Classic

When purchasing office furniture, two fundamental aspects are sought; that it is durable and has full functionality in balance with the most elegant design. In this case, the Timeless Classic office furniture line from Muebles Picó presents what never fails. A style capable of combining classic elements that never go out of style, with the greatest comfort for workers and customers. Within this modality we can differentiate up to four typologies.


They are inspired by Greco-Roman architecture. It is a 100% classic style, but with innovative finishes, which gives full beauty and originality to the rooms. An interior made up of striking carvings, marquetry in orange and sycamore wood on walnut root stands out. All with the best materials and raw materials in the sector and with perfectly cared for finishes down to the smallest detail. If you prefer, you can opt for clarity in the most timeless styles, but without ever neglecting classicism. In fact, brown is the most predominant hue when looking for a dark environment. The lighting is artificial since this type of furniture is adjusted to spaces without windows. The objective is to be able to highlight the functional character and highlight the details in gold and silver.


This model is one of the most striking because it maintains the purity and architectural style of France at the beginning of the 19th century. Both in the structure itself and in the interior decoration and every one of its components, this line of design is clearly appreciated. The furniture is usually presented in shades of dark brown that contrast perfectly with other lighter shades such as champagne, cream or beige to provide a singular touch of elegance.


Venice luxury offices are very impressive on a visual level. They are characterized by keeping the interior style of English palaces with full elegance. All the furniture is manufactured, following absolute rigor, in perfectly chosen walnut wood. The finishing and lacquering elements and the carving offer a high level of detail. Undoubtedly, those who bet on the Venice style will obtain an air of seriousness, serenity, security, comfort and full confidence to close agreements with their clients.


The Lys collection presents a design capable of fusing concepts of modern art with a rustic and cabin look. Although initially designed for luxury dining rooms and kitchens, it has gradually been adapted to the office environment. It is an elegant and simple design that is inspired by classic canons to satisfy the most current and demanding tastes. Ash wood is used as the main material and can be presented in a sober way with a walnut finish or fresh decapé or scratched lacquer. In this type of collection, the color white, rounded corners, and the use of relief on the edges usually predominate, which merges functionality with comfort. With complete simplicity, furniture that appeals to the senses is achieved without the need to overload its structures.

Contemporary – Lux

At Muebles Picó we have spent years betting on timeless decorative elements, but always providing a touch of classicism fused with the most modern lines, without being minimalist. In this line we work with high quality woods.


It is an iconic model that hardly needs an introduction due to its elegance. Inspired by the lines of the British ocean liner, it has perfectly finished decks. Its classicism is completely timeless, making it an ideal option for offices. The components are made of teak wood from Burma, considered one of the best in the world. The exclusive touch of rosewood marquetry and matt aluminium details stand out. At Muebles Picó we have been working for decades to merge elegance, quality and craftsmanship into a unique concept, making your home or office a dream space. Do you dare to dream?  
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