Secrets, the highest-level luxury bedroom

Secrets, the highest-level luxury bedroom

There are many types of companies out there, but we are so involved and in love with what we do that we feel we need to shout it from the rooftops. Our customer satisfaction says it all. Secrets is our new collection, and it has been such a pleasure to put this collection together that we are more than proud to tell you about this stunning new product and invite you to take a look.

Secrets, a space to dream  

You only need one look at it to fall in love: modern lines combined with classic functionality and comfort. The Secrets collection is very special for us because it comes from the heart and has been developed with the utmost professionalism and care. We have used natural pau ferro veneer (iron wood with a pronounced grain and of great beauty, a marquetry wood, exceptional and unique, precious). In addition to ebony and elegant pearl lacquer. The spectacular combination of velvet upholstery complements this wood perfectly. The elegance and softness make you feel nobility and your sense of time and place dissipate – elegance is served. Secrets is for the most exclusive homes in the world, and today it can also be yours. More than 70 years of creation, research, innovation and development have led to this breathtaking bedroom. A selection of noble woods, artisan cabinetmaking, and meticulous and excellent care for detail make us a benchmark artisan and creator of unique pieces. Six decades of experience has taught us something. A vocation to service, thorough work and the satisfaction of those who return with their children and their families and tell us how happy they were with our products and service. We are very proud of the recognition of our effort. Through rewards our standard of work has been recognised, but we believe the best feedback in the world comes from you: the client. Generations of family traditions have taught us: quality, quality, quality. Today, we are at the forefront of innovation in classy furniture. High quality, technology incorporated, rigorous work and a team committed to environmental management following artisanal processes all form part of our immense feeling of pride, and not forgetting the rewards that we have won.An innovative company, the fruit of over six decades of creativity that is already leading the way with the third generation of new projects – projects that enhance the present and establish the future. Our Secrets collection is something special, because luxury, comfort, quality and beauty come together in a bedroom, a place where it is essential to start the day with the energy after a good rest. That is why it was important to us to bring you something special. A luxury home needs luxury rooms, but we don’t want to get lost: we want and need comfort. And rest is supreme. That is why we wanted to opt for elegance, sophistication, design and unique luxury. Today, not many houses and companies are committed to quality, but those that are, are because of Picó Muebles, because they do not disappoint. With its wide range of collections and designs and the quality of the products, we are unmatched. Our luxury bedrooms have been and are an essential part of our latest news. Our vision of the future even when we reiterate ourselves: quality, design, tradition and luxury. Quality, love for detail, durability and comfort are our watchwords: and to listen to you with affection, with the love of those who wish you the best and already plan a bed for your needs. Look, touch and caress our Secrets bedroom, you will see how it is possible to sleep like a baby. We have thought not only about your rest, but also about your sleep, restful and sweet. We are convinced that the quality of our new proposal will make your nights happier, more pleasant and, of course, warmer and more comfortable. Your rest is our greatest success. If you try it, you will sleep and dream like a baby. That is the very reason we have created it, so that you can see the glamour and also enjoy and rest. We love to be in your dreams, always sweet.  
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