Projects of offices from luxury to measure

Projects of offices from luxury to measure

Customize each project to the smallest detail and always bearing in mind the taste of each client is one of the pillars of bespoke projects of Muebles Picó. In the offices of luxury we produce designs from scratch and we can also design and decorate all of the space. We kid you in this article. Because every customer has their own needs. Because every customer has a few particular tastes. And because each brand has some unique characteristics that must be respected. Muebles Picó from 70 years ago projects for our clients. Projects to measure of luxury furniture to choose from that, as and when enjoy a unique design. I already talked of the fashionable Art Deco luxury offices for offices. However, from MueblesPicó we offer our clients the exclusivity of this design to choose that particular piece to design their own space, without labels or pre-established canons. Luxury projects in furniture as part of our daily life. We have carried out projects of luxury offices for public entities, private companies, government agencies, associations, large corporations … and all with a few basic and important characteristics for our work: beauty, quality, functionality, elegance, class, distinction, exclusivity and an excellent finish to enjoy luxury shipments made from the best wood, fine materials and experienced for years worked and improved technique. In Muebles Picó elaborate luxury furniture for offices from huge conference tables, to desks, auxiliary tables, shelves, cabinets, dressers, bookcases, chairs, chairs, management … but not only that, also decorate the walls and ceilings of these spaces. Panels, ladders luxury designs, paneling and balustrades to offer luxury offices, offices of high level tailored to each organization. And always with good taste and the opinion of our customers as a priority.        
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