Picó: artisan value in luxury furniture

Picó: artisan value in luxury furniture

We live in a time dominated by immediacy, automation and mass production. And, paradoxically, the value of tradition and craftsmanship are more prominent than ever. Furniture not only brings style and personality to our homes or workspaces but also distinction and elegance. That is why, for 75 years now, Picó has been committed to luxury furniture made by the hands of authentic wood artists.

Luxury furniture that is always unique

Our luxury furniture never goes unnoticed. Every detail is taken care of, from the choice of the best raw materials to the final finish. A long and laborious process in which there is no rush. Only in this way is it possible to get that furniture with exclusive designs and exquisite lines that characterises Picó. Elegant, timeless creations, with classic lines or with a touch of sophistication are our hallmarks. Our luxury furniture is always unique because manual work results in that there are never two identical pieces – each one has its own stamp. And always with the highest quality as a distinguishing feature. Good craftsmanship in shaping luxury furniture requires very expert hands. Great wood artists work in Picó. There is no other that knows quite how to transmit to each piece the value of a profession, such as cabinetmaking, in which it is necessary to masterfully combine an impeccable technique with a deep knowledge of wood. It is manual work that, in addition, requires great meticulousness. This is how we ensure that each piece and each detail has a perfect finish, without even a small flaw that could alter the final result. The marquetry, the use of materials such as silver-leaf or the handmade carving of our luxury furniture all require absolute precision. We know that, in a world dominated by haste, artisan work carried out with calm and care is the only thing that can give life to authentic luxury furniture. A class of furniture that does not go out of style, that does not tire and that knows how to age, because all that the passing of time does is bring new nuances to each piece, elevating its beauty and making it revalue in all aspects. If there is something that luxury furniture is capable of transmitting to us, it is not only exquisite lines, perfect finishes and that air of exclusivity, but also the calm with which it has been manufactured. Artisan furniture is capable of enveloping us, of shaping ever-welcoming environments that invite us to relax and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Made-to-measure designs

The artisan work involved in making our furniture offers much more: the possibility of designing custom luxury furniture, absolutely personalised. Adapting to all types of rooms, styles and needs is not always easy. But in Picó, manufacturing by hand allows us to achieve it without any kind of difficulty. Not only living rooms, bedrooms or dressing rooms, at Picó we also transfer that unique and unmistakable style of luxury furniture to bathrooms and kitchens. In these rooms, it is also important that the design is combined with quality materials and impeccable finishes. Without ever forgetting the essential functionality. Being able to choose measurements, decorative details such as motifs or handles, also the colour of the wood or accessories is what gives the spaces their personality. And only luxury furniture made with artisan techniques allows this customisation in all rooms of the house or office. In Picó furniture we have managed to make our luxury furniture stand out for its careful design, its exquisite finishes and its quality. Furniture made with the most traditional techniques and by master cabinetmakers, always using the best raw materials. Luxury furniture where each detail is taken care of by hand, because we know that touch of distinction is what gives the furniture its own personality. There is no room for rush, for improvisation. The result is elegance, it is exclusivity and it is art in its purest form in each of the pieces.  
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