Luxury kitchens renovations, how do you choose the perfect cabinetry?

Luxury kitchens renovations, how do you choose the perfect cabinetry?

So you have decided to renovate your kitchen, you want to give it a fresh face and update it. But, have you thought about how the cabinetry will look in your luxury kitchen? It sounds simple, but it isn’t as easy as you think, which is where we come in with some top tips to help you choose your perfect cabinetry carefully.  Kitchen renovations are all the rage at the moment because people are looking to update their luxury kitchens, to do away with the old and in with the new, change the parts that no Langer work well but keep enjoying the bits that do. Interior design is important and more specifically, the cabinetry should be chosen following these pieces of advice:
  1. Colours are important. Be careful when choosing the colour of the wood, the kitchen accessories and pieces such as the door knobs, etc. The combination of colours is important so that everything matches. But be careful with dark colous or very bright colours, particularly in smaller spaces, as these create the illusion of even smaller space. Remember that luxury kitchen renovation projects are to improve the space, not make things worse. The red and white combination is one of the current favourites, as well as violets and a classic that never fails, wood finishings.
  2. The layout of the kitchen should give you a clue. Whether it is long, circular or ‘L’ shaped will influence how you choose your cabinetry. Look at all the options to find the one that best suits your kitchen.
  3. The opening of your furniture. Get more out of your kitchen renovation project by changing the opening mechanism of the cabinet doors, as this can add space. You can, for example, incorporate sliding doors rather than traditional open and close doors which can be impractical and use up space. Come and have a chat with one of our specialists.
  4. The height of the cupboards. If you want to give the illusion of space, you can incorporate cupboards and cabinets that actually go up to the ceiling, which not all do. More than just the visual illusion, you will actually gain space in your kitchen. You can also use space dividers inside your cabinets, shelves are fine but you can be more creative and give everything exactly the amount of space it needs, avoiding enormous piles of plates or frying pans and having everything just so.
  5. The knobs, of paramount importance. If you don’t want to make too many changes you can keep your old ones, but changing them is the icing on the cake when it comes to decorating your kitchen. They are often overlooked because of their size, but they can make all the difference in your kitchen, the difference between a distinct and modern kitchen and one that is none of those things. Kitchen renovations have exactly that aim – to freshen up the appearance of your kitchen making it more modern but without losing that air of distinction.
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