Luxury dressing room, a fashion lover’s dream

Luxury dressing room, a fashion lover’s dream

A few years ago, having a luxury dressing room was considered a refined, expensive, and exclusive element, a luxury only few people could allow themselves. Times have changed, and although it continues to be a product designed for those who most love fashion, both the materials and the aesthetic lines have been perfected, achieving an unbeatable result in value for money. Muebles Picó presents a selection of exclusive furniture designed for the one of the most intimate spaces in the home. Its line of luxury dressing rooms has been designed for the most elegant homes, fusing the most refined cabinetry with unique functionality in which each one of the pieces adapts to the client’s tastes.

Defined structure and materials

Acquiring a luxury dressing room is a dream come true, so the next step will be to decide if you want to integrate it into the bedroom or have an annexed room for it. The team of professionals at Muebles Picó will advise you so that you can optimize your space to the maximum, creating that corner of comfort and fashion where it best suits your needs. The next step will be to decide if the luxury dressing room that we have acquired is open or closed. Any luxury dressing room must have full mobility, in such a way that access to it is easy, without feeling overwhelmed and where the operation of selecting and changing clothes is simple. When choosing a design, you should check that the space for clothes and to be inside are adequate. A luxury dressing room does not have to follow the standard design of other furniture of this type. In them, materials such as iron, wrought iron, wood or plasterboard can be perfectly combined in a unique harmony. In this way, the final result will be a dressing room with a romantic, rustic or industrial style, depending on the needs and tastes of the client.

Elements to bear in mind

When you buy your luxury dressing room you should make sure that the furniture is functional, with specific drawers, shelves of different sizes, high and low bars to hang clothes, mezzanines, removable hangers, practical shoe racks and shelves to store boxes. In this way, with optimal organization, day-to-day life will be easier, because although good aesthetic design is essential, it should be balanced with functionality. Another aspect to consider will be the lighting of your luxury dressing room. From Muebles Picó we recommend that you advocate for an interior design studio that provides you with the maximum amortization of space and light, also saving on electricity rates. Therefore, it will be advisable, whenever possible, to locate the luxury dressing room next to a window and make the most of natural light. This can be complemented with a neutral light from LED strips on the ceiling, which become a great option to achieve the desired light effect. The interior decoration will also be another important aspect to achieve maximum harmony. When you select a luxury dressing room, whether open or closed, keep in mind that it must match perfectly with the style of the rest of the furniture in the room.

Multiple options

When we talk about a luxury dressing room, we can find an infinite dressing room with views made up of two closets and a window to the outside that provides a feeling of spaciousness with which it would be difficult to compete. Black walls at the back of the glass-door wardrobes combined with the white of the elements such as cushions and rugs will provide great depth and contrast. You could also opt for a hidden dressing room in white tones that would go unnoticed, this being precisely its charm. All the elements of the luxury dressing room, except for the mirror, are made in shades of white, which would bring great light and a feeling of peace and cleanliness to the room. An open dressing room will be a luxury dressing room model characterized by clearly defined straight lines. The simplicity and lack of cabinets show a very innovative personality. A lot of outside light enters it that will generate more light and space in the room, a unique sensation of purity increased by the light tones of the shelves and shelves. You could also opt for the exposed sobriety of a dressing room that leaves a fully open room. By having white drawers, greater visibility is given to the darker charcoal and gray-toned frames of the furniture, which combines perfectly with carpet. In addition to sliding, or in the shape of a ‘U’, the transparent luxury dressing room also prevails as an innovative model. Its differentiating element is the absence of privacy as it has transparent walls that blend with another room such as the bedroom or bathroom. Its interior is purely minimalist. Privacy, elegance and good taste go hand in hand in the wide catalog of luxury dressing rooms that Muebles Picó puts at your disposal. Let yourself be advised. We are here to make your dreams come true!
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