Luxury dining room Georgia, exquisiteness and distinction for demanding homes

Luxury dining room Georgia, exquisiteness and distinction for demanding homes

You want the best for your home, where luxury and elegance shine through, but you cannot find anything that meets your expectations. Well at Muebles Picó maybe we do have what you are looking for. Here we present you to the Georgia Luxury Dining Room. A dining room with a style that is sure to fit perfectly in your home. Why a luxury dining room? Because this space is a meeting area to share unforgettable moments with those who you most love. Therefore, what better way than to take care of this space than providing all the luxury details, without overlooking anything. This is what the Georgia luxury dining room offers you, only suitable for the most demanding homes, as yours surely is. Find out more about it here.

This dining room is inspired by Greco-Roman architecture

Have you always loved Greco-Roman architecture? Well, the Georgia luxury dining room takes inspiration from this style that is part of our history. Columns (especially Doric and Ionic in style) and the large size of the elements are two characteristics that our luxury Georgia dining room soaks up and personifies. Side tables that contain the representation of these columns and whose color is broken white, representative of Greco-Roman architecture are paramount. Their size should be considerable. Important furniture speaks for itself thanks to grand dimensions. All this has a clear objective: a luxury dining room that is exquisite and distinctive for the most demanding homes like yours.

Neoclassical lines bathe every piece of furniture

Each of the pieces of furniture in this luxury dining room is bathed in neoclassical lines of architecture and style that you have already seen. The wood used for furniture is also synonymous with distinction. The Georgia Dining Room features marquetry furniture with walnut, sycamore or orange wood. The use of this type of wood not only results in a luxurious dining room, but one whose pieces have great value and will withstand the passage of time in perfect condition. In addition, as you well know, wood in any room always creates a more welcoming environment, which is exactly what the dining room of your home needs. Remember it will be a meeting space in which the main thing is to be at ease.

Touches of gold and silver to shed light

Another essential feature of the Georgia luxury dining room that gives it a special delicacy and distinction is the light it gives off. This is achieved thanks to the gold and silver touches that make any piece of this dining room special. Each neoclassical detail takes center stage and does not go unnoticed thanks to these strategically placed touches at important points. In addition, these touches of gold and silver look great in a Georgia luxury dining room whether it is in wood or white. At Muebles Picó we consider both options in which we can integrate other types of colors. For example, blue for the wooden dining room or gray if the colour is white. Enjoy a different luxury dining room, full of light and with a character that will transport you to the 18th and 19th centuries. A dining room designed to make you feel at ease, for long hours of talks, for meetings in a comfortable, comforting space, rich in details. If you want the best for your home, this dining room will not disappoint. At Muebles Picó we always take into account different styles to adapt to your needs. In this case, we offer you this luxury dining room with all the details that we have considered important to add so that the result is the best. A very special dining room that you can now enjoy in your own home.
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