How to merge technology and luxury furniture in your office

How to merge technology and luxury furniture in your office

Luxury furniture means definitive pieces that give a unique touch to your space, to the point of becoming the centerpiece of the decoration. This type of furniture faces the challenge of being able to merge with technology, specifically in environments such as the office, where it is extremely necessary to be able to achieve a balance between both elements in order to optimize operability and comfort. To define luxury furniture, you just need to appreciate its characteristics, to understand that they are timeless pieces, full of details and made with the highest quality materials, which guarantee the durability of the furniture over time. Luxury furniture is decorative pieces that are characterized by being imposing in spaces, always stealing the focal point of the decoration, so giving them prominence is of utmost importance. The versatility of luxury furniture allows it to be present in different types of environments, from a spacious living room, waiting rooms, offices and kitchens. In the specific case of offices, the challenge will always be to find a way to merge the decorative pieces with technology, so that it can be functional. Offices must respond in the first instance to work dynamics, seeking a balance in the ability to perform tasks, promote working hours with different schedules. Often they will need to receive external audiences, to interact comfortably and effectively with the internal public. It is right at this time, where luxury furniture can play a fundamental role, since it can provide that unique experience that also speaks of the identity of the company.

Functional luxury furniture

When choosing luxury furniture for offices, it is necessary to know the tasks that are carried out routinely in these spaces so that we choose pieces that make each of these tasks faster or more bearable. It’s important that the furniture has a specific function, this way we can justify its presence in the office. Ideally, it should be a resistant piece that can withstand the use that it will have. If, on the other hand, it is luxury collection furniture, which beyond having a specific use, will be specific pieces of decoration, it would be ideal to have a space where it can be exhibited, but have its functionality limited. This is very common in offices of large proportions, where luxury pieces are located to create atmospheres, but the functionality is directed to conventional furniture, in order to extend the useful life of the furniture.

Small offices with luxury furniture

In the case of offices of small proportions, the use of luxury furniture can also be an option. The first step is to evaluate options that are practical, both in size and in finishes, and then start playing with the distribution of elements in the interior of the office. Creativity will be essential in this process and we can overcome seeing the proportion of the property as a limitation. Luxury furniture should have an easily accessible location in small spaces, giving work teams the opportunity to be part of them. The secret is to achieve a balance between technology and decoration. Ideally, we avoid saturating spaces with too much equipment. If that happens, it is time to use some luxury furniture such as our Picó Living options, to break with that feeling of technological saturation. All the elements must coexist in a harmonious and functional way at all times.    
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