How to Identify a Luxury Furniture Piece

How to Identify a Luxury Furniture Piece

When you hear the word luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is a unique piece with a beauty incomparable to the rest of the furniture being offered to you, and that’s exactly what it is, in addition to providing status and sophistication to the space it’s decorating. However, nowadays, this industry has been greatly impacted by imitations. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish a luxury furniture piece from a cheap replica. In the following article, we’re going to help you avoid falling into these kinds of confusions. There is a certain pattern when it comes to identifying luxury furniture that, once deciphered, will make it easier for you to recognize which pieces are truly worth your while. This way, when you’re looking to make a purchase, you’ll know which one offers the best possible quality to bring to your home or the space you’re decorating, adding that refined and elegant touch you desire.

Characteristics to Identify Luxury Furniture

There are ways to distinguish luxury furniture from an imitation. Those who have years of experience buying furniture will know that there are brands with a long-standing reputation, such as Muebles Picó, which has been dedicated to ensuring the best quality of their products for a long time. However, some people may not have the necessary experience to spot those small details that make a difference. Here, we mention some of them for you.


This is the most important characteristic of any luxury furniture piece. This may seem obvious to many people, but some need to know how to identify a luxury furniture piece that is of high quality. To determine its quality, it’s important to examine the finish and understand the materials used in its construction.


Believe it or not, colour can make a difference between an imitation and an authentic luxury furniture piece. When it’s real, the paint and colour create a visual impact that captures your attention. Furthermore, it often exudes a unique shine that makes the furniture stand out from the rest of the elements in a room. On the other hand, when it’s an imitation, the work is usually not very precise and ends up revealing details that detract from the piece’s delicacy.


The easiest way to identify a luxury furniture piece is by knowing if it was handmade or not. Each luxury piece of furniture is unique. This means you won’t find two identical ones on the market. This is one of the main characteristics that make luxury furniture so special and sophisticated. Just the knowledge that only you have that particular model and that there is no other like it is what makes it invaluable.


If there’s one thing that distinguishes luxury furniture from an imitation, it’s elegance. This means that luxury furniture doesn’t equate to the opulence of an imitation. You don’t need to be an expert to notice the differences in the details between a luxury piece and an imitation. Moreover, when it’s authentic, it effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of the entire room without much effort or the need for additional adornments to make it stand out, unlike a replica.


To identify a luxury furniture piece, you need to pay attention to its functionality. They are crafted not only to be decorative but also to have a role within a room. Whether they are comforts for the bed, an impressive dining table, or a wardrobe filled with details, they will always play an important and essential role in the room. It’s vital that both decorative details and utility go hand in hand, and that’s how you’ll know it’s a luxury furniture piece.


This is one of the key characteristics to identify a luxury furniture piece from a replica. The beauty and delicacy of line work are highly distinctive in luxury furniture. Lines are meticulously crafted to create exceptional and unique shapes. They can easily stand out compared to imitation work, which will not have the same level of care. On the other hand, imitation work may be done using machinery rather than handmade craftsmanship, which can diminish its beauty. It’s important to know how to identify luxury furniture from an imitation. These are pieces worth preserving over the years and giving them the value and appreciation they deserve for all the work that goes into each unique piece. If you’re interested in acquiring such a piece, it’s vital to be able to differentiate them to avoid ending up with furniture that lacks the necessary qualities to be considered a luxury item.  
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