How to achieve the perfect luxury walk-in wardrobe

How to achieve the perfect luxury walk-in wardrobe

Are you lucky enough to have a few square metres tos pare? Do you want to get the maximum use out of them? The best option is, without a doubt, a luxury walk-in wardrobe, perfect for organising your and your family’s clothes. Here we give you some steps to follow to help you achieve your perfect luxury walk-in wardrobe, one with class and that you will really get some use out of. A good walk-in wardrobe is a fundamental part of our home. It not only saves space in our bedroom or in other parts of the house by not having to build in wardrobes or have free-standing ones, but a luxury walk-in wardrobe also gives us an ample and organised space where we can keep our clothes and accessories nice and orderly. Luxury walk-in wardrobes are all the rage in decoration trends right now, and are not something to be dismissed. A walk-in wardrobe, like the ones present in our catalogue at Picó Muebles, will always be adapted to the space you have available, as well as your specific needs. At Picó, we take your opinión into account from the get-go. We carry out an extensive study into the best options available depending on the space you have, then we carry out a 100% customised job, completely transforming your space. A before and after shot of the decoration in your house, just imagine having a luxury walk-in wardrobe like one of these. One of the keys is the space available, what we can do is always going to dependo n the space available, how many people live in the home and are going to use the walk-in wardrobe… is it for everybody in the house or just the couple? If this is the case, a his and hers wardrobe where each person has their separate space is paramount, both should have enough space for their belongings without needing to separate or infringe on the other’s space. Everything should be at hand. A space low down for shoes. A longer space for dresses, suits, trousers and skirts. Drawers for jumpers and underwear. Space for shorts. You can even incluye a specific space for accessories and sheets and blankets for your beds. A luxury walk-in wardrobe is characterised by excellent quality, high end finishings, clever usage of lighting and where the light is placed, how easy it is to work your way around the wardrobe and when you are not using it, when the doors are closed, a space where glamour, luxury and class are the main stars of the show, just like in these photos… It isn’t just about having somehwere to put your clothes, it is of course about having a luxury walk-in wardrobe…  
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