Evoque Kitchen, the purity of contemporary art

Evoque Kitchen, the purity of contemporary art

Having a luxury kitchen is something you might aspire to, but among all the options out there, which one is the best for you? Today we want to introduce you to the Evoque kitchen. It is a very special model, with details that you may never have seen and that offer you a kitchen with a very clear distinctive stamp. At Pico Sa we wanted to help you find a kitchen that could evoke the purity of contemporary art. That is why we have carefully designed every detail and thought through every element that we have incorporated into this luxury kitchen to provide you with the best with exceptional quality. Because this is what luxury really is.

Contemporary combined with artisanal

Who said that contemporary could not fit well with artisanal? At Pico Sa we have achieved an exquisite result in our Evoque luxury kitchen thanks to the fusion of these two styles. For this, we have chosen furniture made by hand or with details that are reminiscent of the work done by masters of craftsmanship. Wooden furniture, for example, fits perfectly into the Evoque kitchen to unite the contemporary with the artisan. It is also committed to simplicity. The sinuous forms and with certain shapes that if done again would not be exactly identical, they reveal  great work that gives any luxury kitchen like this one a greater value. A perfect and elegant combination.

A luxurious touch from using copper leaf

Although all the elements of the Evoque kitchen are combined together to offer you the result you are looking for, in reality, the copper leaf is like the final point that closes the luxurious touch of this space. The details made with this material permeate the furniture, the legs of the chairs, the edges of the table … Your Evoque luxury kitchen gives greater presence to the artisan forms. It is a way of highlighting those parts that can go unnoticed in a current craft work and that here we have wanted to give them a greater presence so that your luxury kitchen stands out and has personality, something that you are surely looking for. In addition, copper leaf gives a lot of light in those parts that need it so that your kitchen is more luminous. A useful and essential material for this kitchen.

Exclusive erable root veneers

The use of copper foil is combined in this luxury kitchen, many times, with the root veneer of erable. An exclusive and difficult to see veneer in spaces like these in your home. This gives a touch of greater luxury and exclusivity to your Evoque kitchen. You can see it on the furniture or in certain parts of them. The handmade details of copper foil will give it a great personality. At Pico Sa we are aware that every detail counts and we did not want to miss the opportunity to offer a luxury kitchen such as our Evoque kitchen that can be yours. Luxury, craftsmanship, contemporary … Everything is perfectly combined to obtain a result never reproduced before.

The purity of contemporary art

We wanted to leave the most important of the Evoque luxury kitchen for last, the purity of contemporary art. Despite the handcrafted details, the exclusive erable root veneer or the specific use of copper foil, the whole set makes one thing clear: that the Evoque kitchen evokes contemporary art. Do you want this luxury kitchen? Do you need a space like this in which to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in a place that exudes personality? Well, the Evoque kitchen may be your best option. Contact us at Pico Sa and we will give you more information.
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