Evoque collection, the purity of contemporary art

Evoque collection, the purity of contemporary art

Luxury can be had in any part of your home and helps rooms to acquire a specific personality. The idea is to transmit elegance and this can be done using quality furniture, which reflects your refined aesthetic taste. Kitchens are no less, they are complices to luxury and can be modified to fit our individual needs. If what you are looking for is authentic luxury in your kitchen look no further than our Evoque Collection, one of Muebles Picó most admired. You will find furniture that can be perfectly adjusted to the functional needs of your kitchen at the same time as the collection achieves a unique ambiance with the help of contemporary art. Unique style that fits in perfectly in your home. What most stands out from our Evoque Collection is the quality which is apparent in the results achieved by bonafide artisanry. Take notice of all the fine details, such as decorative elements with copper leaf foil which help harmonise the decoration of the room. The use of materials such as Maple ojo de perdiz wood will bring a unique touch of true luxury to your kitchen. Without a doubt, the Evoque Collection  is designed so that those who adore the finer details can do so in this harmonious set.

The Evoque Collection brings contemporary luxury to your kitchen

Aside from highlighting the value of artisan furniture, the Evoque Collection is made with all the latest modcons in kitchen accessories. With this, the result is authentic luxury with the additional benefit of having a kitchen with maximum functionality, just what you need for such an important room in your home. What you get is contemporary style, perfect for a luxury kitchen full of handcrafted details, but also the quality necessary to avoid wear and tear for furniture that is going to be vey well used. You will get a kitchen that will remain impeccable thanks to the Evoque Collection. In this collection you will find all the furniture you need for your kitchen, from work surfaces to storage cabinets, to chairs and a dining table for the dining area. Every feature you can imagine can be yours in the Evoque Collection. This way, the result will be harmonious and all of the feature pieces will transmit elegance and luxury. You will be pleasantly surprised at how the Evoque Collection fits together to make a luxury kitchen. You will achieve a comfortable area where artisanry highlights every detail, making them protagonists that speak for themselves… and for you. The added benefit of the Evoque Collection is that it is contemporary so it works well in any home. At Muebles Picó you will find the Evoque Collection and therefore luxury for your kitchen. We will make sure that your kitchen forms part of the style you are looking for in your home. It is perfect for your next decoration project in which elegance and style are the true protagonists. The Evoque Collection stands out for its exclusivity and the quality of the furniture. You can have a luxury kitchen tailored to your needs in a completely personalised way. This is what true luxury is all about, showing your true character by means of unique furniture. Contact us now to find out more about the Evoque Collection and all the possibilities it offers. Having luxury in your kitchen is possible thanks to Muebles Picó. Our professionals are in continuous pursuit of quality, elegance and luxury for your home.
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