Choose the perfect collection for your luxury bedroom

Choose the perfect collection for your luxury bedroom

Designer furniture is a luxury that many people want the pleasure of having. Something completely personalized and a space dedicated to you is attractive, desirable, and a treat that we all love. Having our personal mark on the things we choose for our home is special for all of us. In this article, we show you some furniture collections you can have to decorate your luxury bedroom and leave your personal touch. We are in everything we use. From the bed we sleep in, to the clothes we wear, even the books we read and the jobs we do. At the end of the day, we all want to sleep somewhere that makes us feel comfortable, good about ourselves, and reminds us of our current life accomplishments. A luxury bedroom is a special place, where the money invested is not rewarded, but the excellent day that has been had.

Why is a luxury bedroom so special?

Starting the day with a luxury dressing room is one thing but ending it lying in your luxury bedroom is another, one that is immensely pleasant. Luxury bedrooms do not acquire this status only because of the materials used. The science behind good furniture goes beyond a good selection of materials. Firstly, it has to be a personalized experience. Although the furniture cannot be edited, a large part of the decisions in the design process are made by the client. Creative freedom is not only for the interior designer, but for the person who wants to enjoy that interior.

Some collections to decorate your luxury bedroom


Artisan craftsmanship will always be beautiful, and this is the principle of the Georgia collection. In the bedroom, warmth and comfort are prioritized, and this furniture set can achieve just that. White and wood colors predominate to give a sense of closeness and promote calm in the people using the bedroom.


Imperio is a solid collection, which transcends the luxury bedroom and is versatile in many other aspects. Imperio is inspired by 19th century French architecture, with its classical columns and Spanish walnut wood, which provides stability never seen before. For a luxury bedroom, the Imperio collection is the feeling of sleeping like a king.


Lys is used to decorate many rooms, from dining rooms to bedrooms. Although it is best to have a single type of decoration throughout the entire house, Lys’s personality adapts to any type of context. It can be configured without highlighting or impoverishing the aesthetics of the room in question.


A collection in which curves, materials and colors all work together to stand out. Mainly highlighted by white and off-white shades, Holandés is a collection created for people who truly seek a luxurious look in their life. It works especially in hotels to highlight the quality of services in the chain.


Like gold leaf, the Picó Living Marsella collection uses wood to imitate the white and gold finishes that are so characteristic. Here the color white stands out especially, and it is used in all its splendor to reflect comfort. White wood can be swapped for other types of wood in their natural colors for a softer light effect in rooms that want a deeper look.


Somewhere in Russia whose name we do remember, there is a lake called Baikal, whose waves are painted white when the lake melts, to give the news of more temperate days in one of the coldest places in the world. The Baikal collection imitates the lake, becoming comfort for the bedroom and respite from everyday problems.


At the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs, held in 1925, a rather characteristic avant-garde style was presented, which would have a ripple effect to this day. The Parra collection captures the spirit of this era by using straight lines and combining them with some dynamic curves. It is a bedroom not only for sleeping, but for living. With all these collections, you are sure to find the perfect one, whatever your taste. From the most demanding to the slightly more laid-back client, there is an option for every customer to feel comfortable with the furniture they have purchased. Art was made to please the human mind, but in some cases, it also makes life a little more entertaining. This is the purpose of each of these bedrooms.
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