Choose silver leaf luxury furniture to brighten your space

Choose silver leaf luxury furniture to brighten your space

Traditionally, and as we more often see in luxury furniture collections, dark colours are used in accordance with the natural tones of the wood. In the last few years, white and other light colours have started to gain a noticeable presence in luxury furniture as well as notes of silver have. Choosing silver leaf luxury furniture is a great way to brighten up any space and it is becoming more and more fashionable. Up until a few years ago, when it came to buying luxury furniture, the client could only choose between the various dark shades that were available. Grand pieces of furniture and perfect creations they were, but with something in common – the dark colour of the wood as the defining feature. Over the years, and with the help of technical advances, the wood used in the luxury furniture sector can now be decorated with any number of colours. There are tendencies in the luxury sector that aim at offering more possibilities to the buyer. Amongst these, we can find silver leaf luxury furniture, an option to brighten up any space. Generally, silver tones are associated with luxury furniture of lighter shades – whites and all its various forms – although perhaps more commonly in furniture where the design includes off-whites; darker whites that escape the more perfect, impollute ones. White itself is of course an option, but again, always in off-white. With white luxury furniture it is especially important to steer away from that perfect, linear white. Then,  including tones of silver is becoming a more and more popular technique. Silver leaf luxury furniture is on par with furniture in golden tones, and is more and more sought after by lovers of this kind of furniture. There are numerous advantages and possibilities when choosing pieces of silver leaf luxury furniture. They bring light to any space, elegance, personality, they make the space feel bigger, they offer simplicity without repetition, they bring contemporaneity even to the most classical luxury furniture, they give a newer, more modern air and definitively, offer a new style of luxury furniture that we are seeing more and more in collections today.  
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