5 luxury furniture collections for offices

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5 luxury furniture collections for offices

An office is much more than just a place to carry out a work activity. It is a space that must reflect the personality of your profession and transmit elegance at the same time. It must create the right environment for maximum concentration and also, it must comply with a whole series of conditions to receive visitors and clients or to hold meetings. Picó Living’s luxury office furniture more than meets all these requirements. But each person has their own style. The workspace, while comfortable, should never lose that personal touch, essential if we are trying to achieve class. For this reason, our collections of luxury office furniture aim to satisfy the most demanding needs and tastes.

1. Georgia Collection

The most distinguished craftsmanship is the nuance that distinguishes the Georgia model. Luxury furniture for offices with very elegant lines, inspired by classical architecture. Its delicate designs and marquetry details with orange and sycamore wood give these pieces of furniture their own personality, which as we mentioned, is paramount. In walnut wood, either in its natural hue or lacquered in white with silver and gold details, they are pieces of luxury office furniture that transmit good taste and distinction as well as being comfortable, cosy and practical.

2. Imperio Collection

It is a model of furniture for offices with a nineteenth-century air, but that perfectly fits the needs of a modern and functional office. The Imperio collection stands out for the strength of walnut wood, the elegance of the classic columns, the distinction of marquetry and impeccable handcrafted finishes. The Imperio style, on the other hand, transmits that firmness and serenity that a professional office should show. Its strong lines and delicate decorative details combine perfectly to create spaces as unique as they are exquisite.

3. Venecia Collection

A select but welcoming workspace, with luxury office furniture featuring elaborate handcrafted motifs in gold tones on lacquered walnut wood. This is what the Venecia collection proposes: a classic image, but refined and attractive. The designs in this collection are inspired by the distinction of English style. A style that never goes out of style due to the perfection of its proportions, balance and its lines of great purity.

4. Titanic Collection

Luxury office furniture can also have modern and sophisticated lines. The example is this Titanic collection. It is defined by robust pieces, with very straight lines and in teak wood that transmit firmness. A nuanced and softened firmness with simple but showy rosewood marquetry inlays. The touch of modernity is provided by small details in aluminum. As a result of this, the furniture in this collection is perfect for offices in which you want to show a more contemporary image, without losing that air of luxury and elegance that more classic styles can offer.

5. Lys Collection

Among the luxury office furniture, those in the Lys collection are very special. Its design perfectly combines motifs from the most classic decoration with lines of much more current decorative styles. They are furniture pieces that transmit lightness, with decorative elements that make them unique, such as walnut wood markings or silver and gold details. This line of furniture proposes to create serene and elegant work environments, but at the same time practical and functional. Perfect for a modern office. Each of these collections of luxury office furniture is different from the others, but they all have common nuances: beauty, good taste, wonderful details, perfect handcrafted finishes and undeniable quality, the hallmarks of Picó Living.
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