10 things your luxury walk-in wardrobe must have

10 things your luxury walk-in wardrobe must have

Sometimes dreams can come true, and there is little doubt that a lot of people dream of having space in their home for a luxury walk-in wardrobe. A specific place to organise and store our clothes, a space which is at the same time elegant and classy and perfect for getting dressed. You must, however, remember these basic rules when creating your luxury walk-in wardobe… Throughout the years we all accumulate a lot of clothes. We often change our clothes and style but tend to keep our old clothes because they are in good condition or we think we might use it again, or simply we just don’t like throwing things away. Creating space in our bedroom for a luxury walk-in wardrobe will help keep everything organised, separate from our bedroom and with all the commodities to be able to choose and put on your clothes comfortably every single morning. What should we think about when creating a walk-in wardobe?
  1. Light. It is a key part to creating the right look. Not only the actual bulbs but also the lighting of the furniture itself should be chosen well to make it easy to find and see things in your luxury walk-in wardobe.
  2. Practical. Your luxury changing room should also be practical. We should be able to access any part of it with ease, even the higher parts.
  3. Everything on hand. The wardrobes, shelves and drawers should be easy to open, and not have anything blocking the opening.
  4. Different parts. A luxury walk-in wardobe should have clear sections for each type of clothing or accessory, trousers in one part, shorts in another, shoes in another…
  5. His and Hers. Of course, there should also be separate spaces for each member of the family. Respecting each others’ space is compulsory.
  6. Items on view. It is also important to have most things on view. A good idea is to put the things your most use or things that need more airing on view.
  7. Luxury space. A changing room should match the rest of the furniture, it can be a space that has its own personality but should match the rest of the house.
  8. Made to measure. Always opt for made to measure luxury walk-in wardrobes, this way you are guaranteed to make the most of all the available space.
  9. Inside or outside your bedroom. Ideally, your walk-in wardrobe should be adjoined to your bedroom, but it isn’t always necessary. The space available in your home is the determining factor.
  10. Ceiling and walls. It’s not just about having a piece of luxury furniture as a walk-in wardrobe, the whole space should be decorated, and that includes the ceiling and walls. You can see some spectacular final results when you take everything into account.
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