10 key features of Muebles Picó luxury doors

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10 key features of Muebles Picó luxury doors

From a young age we dream of having the perfect home. A place to relax when we arrive tired from work, a place to organise events and reunions with our closest friends, a comfortable and tranquil space to spend time with our loved ones. But, of course, all this cannot be perfect unless every last detail, down to the doors, form part. Muebles Picó luxury doors, the perfect icing on the cake.
  1. Made for you

When we speak about Muebles Picó luxury doors we speak of authentic jewels, made to measure for your dream home. Don’t make the doors the one thing that stops you from enjoying your home. Make your house stand out with luxury doors handmade with delicacy and care. You will be the envy of the neighborhood.  
  1. Better quality

But for that, the quality of the luxury doors should be exquisite. And that is our area of expertise at Muebles Picó. Quality is the main point of the company philosophy, and client satisfaction is very high on our list of priorities when it comes to luxury doors.  
  1. Tradition and technology

The best results cannot be achieved without mixing traditional raw materials with new advances in manufacturing technology. From Muebles Picó we guarantee our excellent quality thanks to a production process that goes from the choice of materials, and the craftsmanship of them, to the final finish.  
luxury doors

luxury doors

  1. Premium materials

The materials chosen for the production process of Muebles Picó luxury doors are based on the most traditional raw material on the market. A final result that, thanks to the expert cabinetmaking, becomes a piece of great artisanal value.  
  1. Quality guarantee

So that our luxury doors can decorate all the rooms in your house, it is essential that they pass a rigorous quality control in one of the laboratories of the Technological Institute of Wood (AIDIMA). This is how we obtain the certificate with the Controlled Quality Label. It is proven that buying at Muebles Picó is a guarantee of quality.  
  1.  Extensive catalogue

Of course, not all the rooms in your wonderful home need the same doors. Enter our website and dive into nuestro catálogo, where you can find more elegant and robust doors for rooms such as the dining room or bedrooms, or more functional doors for the bathroom or kitchen.  
  1. Elegance

Whatever the room, supreme luxury is one of the main characteristics of Muebles Picó doors. Something as fundamental as doors can be the perfect trigger for your home to go from beautiful to exclusive.  
  1. Eye-catching design

Personalised and handcrafted design with great detail will turn all the rooms of your house into glamorous rooms. Our luxury doors at Muebles Picó have an exclusive and personalised aesthetic line that is right now at your disposal to give your home the change of scenery it needs.  
  1. Functionality

Along with design we find functionality, another key feature that makes luxury doors from Muebles Picó so attractive. A fusion of traditional joinery methods with the comfort and usefulness of the pieces, adaptable to each room and to the client’s taste.  
  1. Exclusive details

Without doubt, one of the main points about Muebles Picó luxury doors is the detail that makes them true museum works. The decoration on the knobs, the colour combinations and the creativity with the wood grain are some of the examples that make these doors unique and truly luxurious pieces. Treat yourself to enjoy your home!
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